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1&1 is one of the best Web hosting providers in the world with approximately 16 million customer contracts. 1&1 basically offers a wide variety of Web hosting products, including email solutions and high-end servers in more than 9 different countries including, Spain, Germany, Great Britain and the United States.
However, 1&1 web hosting looks amazing: one can get a wide variety of features in a decent price tag of $0.99. Its packages incorporate infinite bandwidth, extra-high security features, and an easy-to-use website builder. If someone is looking for expanding their project in the future, it is advised to purchase 1&1’s dedicated server that will guarantee stable work and full control over your website. Additionally, this website offers both Windows-powered hosting and Linux.

Why choose 1&1 Web Hosting?

• It offers low-cost solutions.
• Secure geo-redundancy.
• It has email support and 24/7 phone.
• It ensures you 30 Day money-back guarantee.

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Products and features:

Its products are divided into five categories and they are:
• MyWebsite Plans: MyWebsite is basically for the non-technical users.

• MyWebsite Personal: This plan is pocket-friendly and includes a website builder in it. It incorporates a free domain, 10GB of space, email address, contact form, a guestbook functionality, visitor counter, and numerous HTML widgets. One of its unique features includes an unlimited number of pages when built through the MyWebsite Personal plan.

• MyWebsite Business: This plan has three business plans: Plus, Basic and Premium. They are actually made for business websites and includes various industry-specific and professional templates.

• The Basic plan basically incorporates a 50 GB of disk space, one domain name, 200 email addresses, mobile website optimization and a photo editor.

• The Plus plan offers additional features like different types of documents, a document viewer, and presentations on your website.

• Apart from it, by subscribing its Premium plan you can get an expert guidance for SEO to maintain good rankings on the web.

Here is the complete list of characteristics that sets 1&1 apart from its competitors:
• Design: My Website offers a wide variety of customized templates. The design quality is pretty high with the option of design customization for the customer.

• Easier Editing: MyWebsite offers convenient editing tools for easier customization of the design of the website.

• Mobile Customized Design: MyWebsite presents the perfect website design which is mobile customized, i.e. can be viewed on any device and adjusts itself to the resolution of the screen that it is being viewed on.

• SEO Optimization: Allows you to hook in more customers with MyWebsite tools

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Shared Hosting plan

• Web Hosting Basic: This beginners plan is perfectly suitable for the small website because it has restrictions on web space, email accounts, and MySQL databases.

• Web Hosting Unlimited Plus: As far as its name is considered, there are few restrictions in this plan, including a limit of 500 email accounts and 25 MySQL databases.

• Web Hosting Unlimited Pro: The business plan offers unlimited access and is perfectly suited for companies seeking a detailed but an economical hosting solution having no feature caps.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

1and1 allows you a decent VPS hosting in three plans with a choice of 64-bit Linux or Windows. It includes full root access. Servers are administering up to 200 GB of disk space and up to 8 GB of RAM depending upon the plan you choose. Apart from it, Plesk Panel 11 is also available. Each account comes with one static IP, a free domain and up to 2500 GB/month of traffic.

VPS (cloud-based)

In addition to the standard VPS, 1and1 offers highly customizable and scalable cloud-based servers. Customers have a choice of fixed resource plans or flexible plans where they pay only for what they use. The plans also have a sleep mode, which allows customers to store data without any cost for up to six months. Each account can have up to 99 virtual servers. Cloud-based hosting provides high security, redundant storage, backup and recovery features. These plans, which start at about $20 a month, are excellent choices for customers having many websites with a large number of visitors.

Dedicated servers:

Dedicated servers plan comes up with three plans with a choice of configurations and Linux or Window options. Servers are offered with Intel or AMD processors with up to 32 cores. Up to 64 GB of RAM and 4000 GB of storage is available depending on the plan. Full root access is provided, but customers can also opt for managed servers.

Advantages of 1and1 Plans

• All their plans will offer you secure data servers in order to ensure that your website never experiences any downtime.

• Availability of flexible and scalable cloud-based VPS plans.

• Their services will provide you with dozens of click-and-build application and unlimited web space and bandwidth.

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