The Top 10 Indian Affiliate Programs You Must Join Today:

Affiliate marketing is widening its scope in India. It is slowly becoming one of the best ways to earn some extra cash for website owners. Nowadays every webmaster wants to generate some cash online by joining an Affiliate program. By joining such a program website owners can sell third party products and services and generate cash by putting up relevant ads on their website.

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the fastest and cheapest ways for website owners to make some money. In a nutshell, Affiliate programs do pay well, but it also depends on commitment, experience, and site traffic. Website owners need to put in the work to generate cash. This technique may not be the easiest way to earn cash.
When you join an Affiliate program and decide on promoting a particular product you are simply linking a buyer and seller and taking a commission on the sale made. On joining an Affiliate program sellers usually, provide the website owner with a unique affiliate code. This unique affiliate code will be a valuable tool to refer traffic back to the target site.

Affiliate programs usually come with their own banners, text links, images, etc. A website owner’s only job is to copy the given code and put it up on the website. This will generate the traffic.
If you are looking for an affiliate program for your website in India, this article can help you do that effectively. We have listed below the ten most trusted affiliate programs in India:

1. Flipkart Affiliate Program:
The affiliate program from the Indian shopping website Flipkart can provide you with consistent commissions by placing product banners and links to the The company Flipkart is India’s most trusted shopping website and they are also known as the most punctual e-commerce players available in the country. The company has diverse commission rates for different items. Website owners can earn up to 15% commission each time a user clicks on links and banners. Flipkart will provide with a bundle of devices to make the advertiser’s life easier. To know more visit the Flipkart Affiliate Program and become a member.

2. Amazon Affiliate Program:
Amazon has made it easy for website owners to earn a good amount by advertising Amazon products on their websites. However, like every Affiliate program dedication and discipline is required to earn good money from this Affiliate program. Amazon is amongst the most trusted global brands. Amazon gives high commission rates and high transformation rates on advertising their products. The best part about the Amazon Affiliate Program is that website owners can get up to 10% commission by recommending Amazon products on their websites and emails. visit the Amazon Affiliate Program and become a member.

3. Affiliate Program: is one of India’s leading travel companies. It is a search engine to find cheap hotels, flights and holiday packages. The company has its own affiliate program like other big e-commerce companies. This affiliate program helps website owners make money by promoting their flight and hotel package deals. This affiliate program is ideal for travel bloggers.visit Yatra Affiliate Program and become a member.

4. MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program:
MakeMyTrip is the most popular travel company in India. This affiliate program is ideal for travel bloggers. Website owners can double their earnings by using this affiliate program. An owner can earn up to 3-5% on domestic flights and around 500 rupees from each International flights by just putting up as a recommendation. MakeMyTrip gives a minimum pay-out of 5,000 rupees. visit Make My trip Affiliate Program and become a member.

5. Shaadi.Com Affiliate Program:
Shaadi.Com is the largest matrimonial service in India. It is a site which helps Indian couples to meet. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the company has its own affiliate program which is called as the Shaadi.Com Affiliate Program. The affiliate program can help websites earn 75% revenue share and an additional 25% bonus. This affiliate program is ideal for wedding and relationship blogs. It gives website owners money for placing their banners and links on their website. visit Shaadi Affiliate program and become a member.

6. Hostgator Affiliate Program:
Hostgator can be called as the greatest web hosting company in India. The Hostgator Affiliate Program makes it easy for website owners to earn revenue from the traffic on their sites. Promoting Hostgator services can earn website owners more than 45,000,000 rupees per month. Per sign up to the affiliate program offers users around 2812 rupees.visit Hostgator Affiliate program and become a member.

7. GoDaddy Affiliate Program:
GoDaddy is the biggest domain registration company in the country. When it comes to the GoDaddy Affiliate Program the company provides website owners with a good income. For a person with a WordPress hosting or domain niche blog, this affiliate program is the best option to generate high revenues. visit Godaddy Affiliate Program and become a member.

8. Jabong Affiliate Program:
The Jabong Affiliate Program is one of the best options to generate revenue for fashion bloggers. Jabong is one of India’s biggest online fashion stores. People can find everything from women’s wear, men’s wear to branded accessories. At present website owners earn up to 10-12% every time a new user clicks on a Jabong affiliate link from their website. Website owners can use banners, links, and widgets to promote the Jabong affiliate program through their website. visit Jabong Affiliate program and become a member.

9. BharatMatrimony Affiliate Program: is yet another matrimonial service provider in India. The BharatMatrimony Affiliate Program provides 25% on each paid signups that occur due to ads and links displayed on your website. It is ideal for people who own relationship and wedding blogs. visit BharatMatrimony Affiliate program and become a member.

10. Snapdeal Affiliate Program: is one of the most prominent Indian shopping websites around. It provides decent commission rates to website owners, but it can be lower than that of Amazon and Flipkart. The website has products that are not listed on the two famous e-commerce websites. If your blog promotes such a product join the Snapdeal Affiliate Program. visit Snapdeal Affiliate program and become a member.

We have listed some of the top Affiliate programs available in India. Affiliate programs are wonderful but do not go overboard with it. Website owners should only choose a couple of items that are relevant to their niche and goes well with their web content in terms of SEO. Remember becoming a successful marketer starts with choosing the right services and products to promote.

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