Why You Should Commute to Work on a Bicycle

I still remember how my father used to commute to work on his bicycle and on weekends I was lucky enough to get a ride to the local market. Bicycle, which was once a popular mode of travel, has somehow lost its importance in past few decades. Only the poor section of society or cycling enthusiasts can be seen riding it.

People have become so addicted to commuting even to the shortest distance either by a motorbike or a car. Luxury has taken a main-seat instead of healthy living choices! There is no denying the fact that there are endless benefits of commuting to work on a bicycle. Improved health, pocket-friendly, pollution-free, riding a bicycle to your daily work makes one a better person in so many ways.

If still not convinced, here are some of the major benefits that would definitely make you ditch the car and take a bicycle to work next time.

Makes Travel Cheaper
Cycling to work saves you a lot of money that is spent on fuel and maintenance of your car or motorbike. You don’t need to worry about the soaring fuel charges every now and then. Also, you don’t have to always carry along your driving license and other vehicle-related documents. What’s most interesting is the fact that you don’t have to pay for parking or look around for parking spaces!

Daily Workout
Cycling is one of the best and effective physical exercises for the human body. By commuting to work on a bicycle you can keep your body fit and active. Pedaling home to work and vice-versa every day will burn the extra calories and shed those extra kilos. Isn’t it the perfect way to replace your gym sessions?

Say Goodbye to Traffic Jams
Hours of traffic jam in big cities during work hours is a common sight and stuck inside your four-wheeler or motorbike gets really annoying. However, with a bicycle, you can always find a way among those heavy vehicles and yes; it saves a lot of time too!

It is our duty to save the environment and make it a healthy place to live for other living beings and coming generations. With every individual using a car or motorbike, the pollution levels are reaching to hazardous levels. Bicycle commute to work is an excellent way to keep our environment pollution-free and healthy.

Makes You Happy
Cycling to work is no less than a therapy that cheers up your mood and boosts self-confidence. It is a great form of exercise that reduces stress and anxiety, alleviates depression symptoms and improves sleeping patterns among patrons. In fact, while cycling to work, one can be more close to nature and feel the fresh air and sunlight that keeps the mood happy all day long.

Improves Cognitive Skills
Daily exercise makes the brain and body sharp. By cycling to work, you basically get involved in a form of daily exercise. This helps to enhance your cognitive skills and boosts your brain power.
We can clearly see the adverse environmental effects due to various factors; high usage of motorbikes and four-wheelers is one of the topmost contributing factors. In such a scenario, it is a smart decision to choose a bicycle for work over cars or motorbikes. So, the choice is all yours!

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