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What is GetAmbassador all about?
Ambassador is a pioneering referral marketing software program that uses word-of-mouth to get its market base onboard. It is an all-in-one platform that allows companies to run referral, partner, affiliate, and advocate programs all at one time and one place.

General Overview of Website Usage and Performance

The website has an easy-to-use interface. It is visually appealing as it employs a two-color scheme with shades of blue and white all throughout. It has a clutter-free layout and an engaging design which remains consistent throughout. One will not find any difficulty in reading through the content as the font size is appropriately chosen. Content flows easily and is bracketed so that it is easier to get an understanding in a single glance. If you do not have the time to skim through the website to understand what they offer, there is a 1 minute 40 seconds video that explains the same. Website visitors also have an option to schedule a demo as soon as they land on the page. For visitors who find themselves on the website for the first time and are wondering about their success rate, there are customer reviews which give an insight into how Ambassador can be beneficial for you.

It can get quite frustrating when the website pages take too much time to load. Fortunately, visitors will be glad to see that the load time is quite fast. Users can easily navigate within the website as there are links arranged at the top of the page as well as at the bottom of the page.

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One of the advantages is that the customer support team is quick and efficient to answer any queries related to the program. They make the onboarding process much easier than you expect.

Key Features and Benefits
Ambassador highlights several key features including referral program, referral tracking, affiliate program, affiliate tracking, partner program, partner incentives, partner management, partner dashboard, customer incentive programs, social referral tracking, refer a friend program, and also refer a friend tracking.

Wondering about the benefits? Ambassador offers benefits such as true automation, multi-program and multi-campaign capabilities, omnichannel marketing, customized reporting and analytics, marketer-friendly visual editor, identify and segment influencers, affiliates, customers, and other advocates, proven offline tracking processes, multi-language and multi-currency, seamless integrations including bank transfer, PayPal among many others.

The only setback is that for small companies that don’t have much cash to invest, it would pose a difficulty. But then again, all good things come at a price.

It is not only important to deliver what one promises, but the process has to be made simple too. Ambassador does exactly that through its effective and engaging website. The intent of the website is clearly put across – and it is easy to set up multiple campaigns, effectively monitor and evaluate each ambassador and their sales, and provide incentives in the form of cash, gift cards, points, or credits to them – and the best part is that all of this can be done on one sole platform.

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