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I would like to share my experience with an interesting e-commerce solution – Ecwid or E-commerce Widget. Today, there are plenty of e-commerce tools available in the E-market. Among these E-commerce tools, only few can integrate into existing websites or social pages. The interesting fact about Ecwid is that you can create an online store using this app and if you already have a website, you can easily incorporate this store to your website.

With Ecwid, you can open an online store on your website, blog or even in social pages such as Facebook. Ecwid is a powerful and comfortable platform for non-technical users. With this platform, you can easily create a store for free. Even the pricing plan for premium features are affordable for the users. Another awesome aspect I want to share you is about the Ecwid blog. A detailed guide about the store setup, configuration, and all the needed details are available in the Ecwid blog. Well, hope you got an idea about Ecwid. We will see the important steps to create an online store using Ecwid.

Steps to create an Ecwid Store

1. Sign up to Ecwid account.
2. You will receive Greetings from Ecwid, now you are on the dashboard page.
3. From the catalog tab, you can add products and categories. If you are in the free version of Ecwid, you will be able to create two categories and up to ten products. Also, note that Ecwid displays several demo products and you can delete those demo products by selecting them and then clicking on the delete button. 4. To add products to your store, click on “New Product” button. Now you can add the product’s details such as title, description about the product, its base price, weight and image of the product. You can also add a video, a photo or code to the description.
5. From Attributes tab, you can fill the fields such as brand and UPC if necessary.
6. You can add variations to your product such as size, color etc. from the Options tab.

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Steps to configure your Ecwid store

1. Go to the Ecwid Settings tab to configure your site. Start under General and Store Profile. Fill in all the fields. 2.  Change your store URL at the bottom of the page under the Starter Site tab.
3.  You can also change the units and formats for your store from”Formats&Units” tab.
4.  From the “Languages” tab, Choose the language for your store.
5.  Change your cart settings under the Cart tab if necessary.
6. You can also add your legal information from Legal Pages.

How to integrate your Ecwid store with your website and Facebook page?

1.  Just Click on Create your online store and Ecwid will ask you a question: “Do you have a website or facebook page? ”.Select the option accordingly.
2. If you have a custom website, copy the code available and paste it directly into to the page you wish for your store to appear on. If you do not have access to your website backend, send this code to your webmaster and ask them to do the integration for you.
3. If you have any other platforms mentioned by Ecwid, just click on the same and follow the instructions insisted by from Ecwid.  Ecwid will give you some simple plug-ins and extensions for the popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and Facebook. You just need to follow the simple steps from Ecwid.

Overview of Pricing

Just look into the pricing structure. Ecwid offers a free plan for the basic functionalities. For example, it provides a free plan, if you’ve only got a few products to sell (up to 10). The pricing structure for paid plans is as follows. ‘Ecwid Venture’ plan – Rs.700 per month – you can sell up to 100 products; ‘Ecwid Business’ plan – Rs 1500 per month – you can sell up to 2500; ‘Ecwid Unlimited’ plan – Rs 5000 per month –  you to sell an unlimited number of products.

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It was a great thought by the creator of Ecwid, Ruslan Fazlyev to integrate an online store into existing websites and social pages. Ecwid is an excellent add-on builder to the websites. The customer support from Ecwid is also remarkable. Over the past 8 years, Ecwid has grown to serve over one million merchants across 175 countries. Let your business reach new heights with Ecwid.

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