10 examples of real-time digital experiences we can expect more of

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Embedded chat:

In the ‘era of chatting’ what we expect more now is real-time chat experience so that it looks more ‘alive.’

Smart notifications:

Push notifications have been a great tool on the part of both marketer and customer. The relevant and constructive information sent via such alerts has been a productive and smarter tool of awareness.

Omnichannel and in-store:

Clothing recommendations via body scan technology, communications which are real-time, and updated customer preferences for store staff can also prove fascinating.


The running software is continuously automatically updated. Autosave, auto edit, take us directly to the end result, and other such features have eliminated the formality of requests like ‘click to save.’


Data is crowd sourced and relayed immediately for real-time upgradation.

Personal assistance:

To be more effective the sites need to be next level real-time, interactive and engaging.

Smart automation and internet of things:

Technology can take us on its tips, our controlled locations, counted footsteps, and many more technical footprints complexly have simplified things.

Marketing automation:

It is an upcoming trend including experiences based on location, customer profile, which are real-time and effective. Starbucks is also planning the introduction of personalized offers through the mobile app.

Out of home media:

It is not the only business that is growing virtually, but outdoor media is rapidly expanding in the virtual space as well. As advertisements are now becoming screens connected to the internet and their data changes immediately taking in live data feeds.

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Presently, to chat, human interact human or human interact machine but days, when a device will contact device, are not too far off. For example, the Amazon Echo device controlling Tesla car.