Digital Marketing through Analytics of Consumer Behavior

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  • Loading Speed: If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, then you tend to lose about 40% of the traffic on your site, which is a tremendous loss considering all the potential customers that withdraw. To get the maximum out of online marketing, you need to make sure that the loading speed of your page is not excessive.
  • App Availability: If your users can directly connect with your site through an app which allows them to receive the latest updates, newsletters as well as various schemes and offers, then there is a higher chance of them being long-term customers.
  • Pop-ups: Pop-ups are really useful when you wish to garner your customers through multiple platforms, be it social media or various websites. If you utilize pop-ups, you can benefit by knowing which channel brings in most traffic to your page.
  • Landing Pages: The page that all your traffic lands upon is the most important since it is where the user will look for all the information about your venture. Hence, you need to make sure that it is easy to access and to explore.
  • Optimization on Devices: Your site might be user-friendly on PC, but it is possible that on other devices, it isn’t so. To ensure that your customers can access your page from any device they wish to, you need to ensure your site’s optimization on different devices.
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