Digital, real-time and predictive: Future of retail marketing

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The recent research by Eagle Eye says a lot about the future of retail marketing.

In this study, it is found that 58% of consumers rely on promotions via digital marketing and out of these, 67% is comprised of the youth.

Therefore, the study concludes that the future of retail is going to be digital as the youth is the future and so is its choice.

The research also reveals that about three-fourths of the customers expect promotion offers on the items they had run out of.

So by maintaining proper consumer data and studying its behavior, retailers can predict consumer purchases.

This forward thinking will also be practiced in the near future as every business wants to win an edge over its competitor.

As customer today is short of time, the researchers found that real-time offers are in demand.

‘Near me’ searches increasing 88% of which are done from the mobile phone, clearly indicates that the retail future is of mobile-enabled real-time marketing.

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