Google Ad grants online marketing challenge

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A useful teaching and learning platform OMC (Online Marketing Challenge) is an opportunity for students in the form of exposure to the real world.

It includes creating, managing and analyzing online market campaigns for real non-profits through Google Ad Grants Program.

Students and non-profits come together to support and enhance digital skill development for a positive change around the globe.

It is an academic program open for undergraduate or graduate students wherein participation is in the form of 2-5 students under the guidance of a verified faculty member, lecturer or instructor, presently employed in any higher institution.

OMC gives an essence of practicality to marketing theory.

It provides a real-life feel to the bookish knowledge of business and marketing.

Such experiences improve their skills, make they’re work effective and efficient, and expose them to the job market.

It gives meaning to their learning and develops a professional outlook in their attitude.

Online marketing training lets the students demonstrate Google Ads knowledge. Student teams learn to work, conclude and help their non-profit partners to continue online.

It adds to their experience, experiments and lays the foundation for better future performers.

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